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custom, culture and colors

Colors adds magic to designs therefore excellent color combinations are heart and soul of interior designing. Let us know what are new trends in 2018 .lots of florals and colors that are knocking doors this year are turquoise, apple green and shocking pink.

this year i have noticed that the concept of people are going away of the style of “decorated space”. they want their space curated and not decorated. the idea of a decorated home feels old-fashioned to new generation of design enthusiasts. new generation wants classic looks with new angles and curvs. they want a series of collected objects instead of just colorful flowers.

new era demands green that was missing from the market. its a color that soothes eyes thats why its making a comeback. Green brings the nature indoors and makes the home more lively.
apart from this….we are going to see lots of yellow this year. Earthy ochrey yellow is becoming more popular. Its a shade that brightens the room and its far from boring. People have seen grey ,beige and greige…now they want something innovative. New interior trends are making new ways for new color patterns.
Ceiling has also become decorating playground ready to be wallpapered, lacquered, gilded or plastered with abandon. On the other hand classic traditional design patterns can be back in a big way this year.